REGISTRATION is over Contact Monky at 435 590 7525. I do have a few extra meals but not many

Since we know some of you are coming early and leaving late here are some other really nice rides in our area.

Cedar to Zion park and back over mountain, must have national park pass.

Bryce Canyon Brian Head Loop, must have national park pass.

North Rim of grand Canyon Loop

Great Basin National Park Loop, must have national park pass.


From Chapter 49-4 and Utah CVMA welcome to beautiful Cedar City, Utah for the Region 8 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association 2019 meeting, this is a SANCTIONED event.  This is a very welcoming area to vets and has lots of incredibly fun places to ride.

Everything we are doing this weekend has very little profit margin built in but 100% of all money we do make will go towards the CVMA 49-4 Homeless Veteran fund that is managed through the Iron County Homeless Shelter. Due to our being a very small and new chapter we are doing our annual POKER RUN in conjunction with the Region 8 meeting on Saturday morning. We have picked out a route we think everyone will enjoy that will take approximately 3 hours. We will have the route up on here at least a month prior to meeting. We will also provide info on some alternative rides as well.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. 

49-4 Commander 


ELKS LODGE 111 E 200 N
VETERANS PARK, Poker Run start point 200 N 200 E
Mikes Tavern 90 W Hoover Ave 

FRIDAY September 20th
15:00 Elks Lodge – Welcoming and sign in 
16:00 to 18:00 Elks Lodge – Dinner Served (Pulled pork, French rolls with Mac salad and coleslaw) 19:00 Elks Lodge Region 8 meeting. Brief comments from host then hand off to state and region rep for their agenda. (19:00 AUX meeting will be held at same time) 

Saturday September 21st
09:00 to 12:00 Veterans Park - Poker run sign ups 
09:00 to 16:00 Poker Run 
16:00 to 18:00 Dinner at Elks (Cajun Pasta salad “no shrimp” with salad, dinner rolls and peach cobbler sheet cake. 
16:00 Elks, Utah state meeting in basement of Elks 
20:00 to midnight Mikes Tavern – After party, run winners announced, drawings 


Dui in all states in the United States is .08 but in Utah it is .05, that is the strictest laws in America and most of the world. Please see attached information with cab numbers for local cab companies (this is not here yet but will be prior to event with list of places to eat as well). See link to article on DUI laws in Utah. Also be aware drinking in public is against the law in Utah, please don't do it, red plastic cups are sold everywhere. Please enjoy yourself but also be careful. 



BEST WESTERN 435-586-9900 
HOST HOTEL, closest to event, literally on same block 
111.99 a night (normally 145+) 
30 rooms booked but 5 are for state and regional commanders. If we need more rooms I can call. If rooms are not taken by August 30th they will no longer be blocked out.  

LaQuinta - 435-865-0005 
30 Rooms set aside 
89.00 a night but a few miles from event location. 
Rooms will be made unblocked come August 20th. If we need more just let me know.